Play Tiny Heroes Online(THO) and witness the power of multiplayer gaming like never before.

Tiny Heroes Online is the most popular new online game.

Here are some super cool features that make THO a super cool game.

# Mesmerising HD graphics scenes and characters.

# Multiplayer gaming mode to challenge friends and foe.

# Three super cool game modes to get addicted

~ Death Match Mode - Everyone is an enemy.

~ Team Death Match Mode - Help friends in killing your enemy.

~ Capture the flag Mode - Capture enemy flags and protect your own.

# Many cool scenes to start battle.

# Smooth controls and fluid gameplay.

# Real time fights with real people around you.

# Fight with players not by just shooting but punching and slicing with swords.

# Lots of Mines and Bombs to strategise the game.

Play Tiny Heroes Online and let the fight begin.

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